Teams / Skype Online

Teams / Skype for Business Online for Office 365

Here is a description of the Teams / Skype feature set (Q2 2020):

  • ​​​​​Teams / Skype's Phone System services include inbound/outbound PSTN calling, unified messaging / voicemail service.
  • Voicemail is accessed via email/Outlook or thru the Teams/Skype app with speech to text preview. Other standard features include call hold, call retrieve, call park.

  • Teams / Skype's Phone System administrative services include centralized management console.
  • Features include CDR / call logs, call quality dashboard, Porting/DID management, Caller ID management, Dialplan management, e911/location management, network management, device management, security/compliance policy management a powershell interface + several other diagnostic tools.

  • Teams / Skype Conferencing!
  • Teams / Skype Online's Conferencing Services provide best-in-class PSTN, Video, Web conferencing services.
    Centralized management of conferencing PINs and other common conferencing options, dial-in numbers available all over US + Intl
    MSFT has also provides a "webinar" service called Teams Live Events to provide large meeting services for up to 10,000 attendees.

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