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Skype for Business Online Deployments for Office 365?

Today, Microsoft Skype for Business "Cloud PBX" services require a "Hybrid" deployment in order to actually have "PBX" features. Skype for Business Online's "Cloud PBX" does not have Auto Attendant, Call Queues, DID management and other typical "PBX" functionality that a traditional Skype for Business Server deployment can provide.

BUT - for organizations that have simple PSTN requirements and require little or no PBX features, here is a description of what features are available today (Q1 2017):

  • ​​​​​Skype for Business Online's "Cloud PBX" services include inbound/outbound PSTN calling and a "lite" version of Microsoft's unified messaging / voicemail service.
  • The "lite" voicemail is accessed via email just as the "standard" UM service. However, there is no speech to text preview, voicemail distribution rules are not available, and "Outlook Voice Access" (calling into VM from PSTN) is also currently not available.
    "Cloud PBX's 'lite'" voicemail is provisioned automatically (as long as the user's licensing includes Exchange Online Plan 2), so administrators are not required to activate "UM" separately in the Exchange Admin Center as is the case with SfB Server deployments.

  • Skype for Business Online's "Cloud PBX" administrative services include a call logs, a call quality dashboard, basic DID management, a powershell interface + links to several other tools such as the SfB connectivity analyzer and sign-on troubleshooter .
  • But -- call log reporting can take up to 24hours to post to the logs.
    There is no ability to forward DIDs, though MSFT has recently added some limited outbound caller ID control within powershell.
    Overall - the current administrative tools are provide a baseline of management capabilities, but currently lack granular control found in SfB Server deployments or 3rd party PBXs.

  • Best (current) feature of Skype for Business Online's PSTN? Conferencing!
  • SfB Online's Conferencing Services provide best-in-class PSTN, Video, Web conferencing services.
    Centralized management of conferencing PINs and other common conferencing options, dial-in numbers available all over US + Intl
    MSFT has also recently added a "webinar" service called "Skype Meeting Broadcast" to provide large meeting services for up to 10,000 attendees.

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