Skype Hybrid

Skype for Business Hybrid Deployments for Office 365?

Today, Microsoft Skype for Business "Cloud PBX" services require a "Hybrid" deployment in order to actually have "PBX" features. Skype for Business Online's "Cloud PBX" does not have Auto Attendant, Call Queues, DID management and other typical "PBX" functionality that a traditional Skype for Business Server deployment can provide.

Skype Sky / Bleecker can help you solve this by:

  • ​​​​​Extending an existing Office 365 SfB Online service to use "hybrid" services for SfB Online.
  • The "hybrid" service can be hosted in your choice of on-premise, private or public cloud. We typically recommend hosting in Azure which has dedicated network routing to the Office 365 SfB Online service.

  • Extending an existing on-premise, single tenant Skype for Business Server deployment to Office 365 SfB Online to use "hybrid" services.
  • We can leverage the existing on-premise deployment for hybrid services and/or Azure or other cloud services.

  • For each of the above scenarios - we can use the "Cloud Connector" option or standard hybrid deployment option
  • The "Cloud Connector" hybrid option is used to enable external PSTN / SIP services.
    The "Standard" hybrid option is used to enable any / all SfB Server services including the ability to use SfB Trusted Applications.

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